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(NEW RELEASE) --- Nikkole - Vulnerable - Vinyl (Double Album) - 180 Gram

(NEW RELEASE) --- Nikkole - Vulnerable - Vinyl (Double Album) - 180 Gram

SKU: 860004392514

Nikkole is getting minds right, lives together, and bodies moving--again--with her new, hotly anticpated 22-track double album VULNERABLE, a fresh and soaring , Pop/R&B/Dance collection on the LA International Records label.  To date the album has produced two hit singles with "All Mine" which reached the Top 10 on the R&B Charts in the US, France and the UK. and "We Can Make It If We Try" (feat. Leon Sylvers IV), which reached #3 on the US R&B Charts.  The album, VULNERABLE has hit #2 on the UK Soul Charts and has many more singles on the horizon!



  1. Vulnerable

  2. I Don't Fall In Love

  3. All Mine

  4. Electrolytes

  5. Interlude:  Infatuated

  6. With You (feat. Anon Ymouz)

  7. Familiar

  8. We Can Make It If We Try (feat. Leon Sylvers IV)

  9. Interlude:  Uncovered

10. Don't Change (The Way You Are)

11. Time Flies

12. Flight Risk

13. If You Want It (Come And Get It)

14. I'll Try

15. Interlude:  Exposed

16. Man Of My Life

17. Nik Of Time

18. Some Type-a Way

19. Lovin' Me, Leavin' Me

20. Interlude:  Discovered

21. Back Up

22. I'm Done



    Nikkole - Vulnerable - Vinyl (Double Album + Digital Download Card) - Limited Edition.  This package contains a two record double album (one Orange vinyl record and one Aqua vinyl record) 180 Gram Audi