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At the forefront of Los Angeles music culture and trends, LA INTERNATIONAL RECORDS is committed to providing its fans with all the hottest new albums and singles by its successful recording artists.



Old Records

The Artists, Musicians and Producers that LA INTERNATIONAL RECORDS represents speak not only to a new generation of fans, but taps into the old-school era. The Los Angeles-based Record Label prides itself on working with the brightest musical talents of today!


The brand new single "All Mine" out now at all digital outlets on the LA International Records label.  The song was produced by the legendary Leon Sylvers III, and penned by Leon, Nikkole and Aaron G. West.  Mixed by: Rob Chiarelli for Final Mix, Mastered by:  Pete Doell of Aftermaster Audio Labs.  Video directed by Ethan Lader, Cinematographer Corey Jennings.  Executive producers:  Nikkole Hall and Wallace Hall.

Nikkole's new album produced by Leon F. Sylvers III, is one of the most anticipated for LA INTERNATIONAL RECORDS. This new collection features songs penned by Nikkole, Leon F. Sylvers III, Thundercat, DAM-FUNK, Aaron G. West, Ralph Hawkins Jr., Foster Sylvers, Miki Howard, Leon Sylvers IV, Ray Parker, Jr., and Teddy Riley.  The album was mixed by Grammy Award winning mixing engineer Rob Chiarelli among many talented collaborators. 2021 is sure to bring forth one of Nikkole’s most dynamic albums ever, and LA INTERNATIONAL RECORDS is proud to be associated with such a wonderful project. Pre-Orders for "Vulnerable start 10.08.21

Pictured from left to right:  (1) Ray Parker, Jr., Nikkole, Leon F. Sylvers III,  (2) Wallace Hall, Nikkole, (3) Leon F. Sylvers IV, Nikkole, (4) Leon F. Sylvers III, Nikkole, Foster Sylvers.



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